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 Medium Voltage Safety


How To Properly Identify Medium Voltage Cable

During the demolition phase of the VAB Medium Voltage Feeder Replacement one of our Electricians had a very close call and without the proper PPE incident could have been fatal. We would like to share this incident because we had always had difficulty properly identifying multi-conductor covered medium voltage cables, the method that was being used was a hand over hand method which meant that you physically traced the conduit from level to level which obviously had room for error.

After the incident we tasked our Safety Director with finding a method to positively identify cables within the VAB and underground lead covered cables within the manhole system. The method that we found happened to be old technology in a meter that is typically marketed to the Utility Companies. The solution to our problem was the TIMCO Impulse Phaser Cable Identification System, this meter accurately identifies single conductor, multi-conductor and lead covered medium voltage cables.

To view product literature you can visit their web site at . In addition to identifying the cable with the TIMCO Meter we use a remote hydraulic cutter so the operator can keep a safe distance from the cut in the event of human error in the identification process, remember that the cost of a blown remote cutter is insignificant because you probably just saved a life. After NASA conducted their investigation and shared the findings with AEI they asked us to participate in an annual Super Safety meeting to share our mishap and inform other competitors in our industry along with base operation support contractors, AEI and a representative from TIMCO presented the information, demonstrated the meter and the techniques we use in this process to insure the Safety of our employees.

Be responsible and pass this along to anyone involved in tracing Medium Voltage Cable.

Safety is a Responsibility

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